The NINDS Fibroblast, iPSC, and Biomarker Collections are undergoing a minor transition. Please click here for more information.

NINDS Repository Fibroblast Samples

Below is a list of fibroblast samples within the NINDS Repository. To view whether other biological products are available from these individuals, click on Associated Specimens in the far right hand column. This will direct you to a list of ID numbers that correspond to different biological products derived from the same subject. If additional family members related to the subject are housed within the Repository, they will also be listed here, but will possess a different Family Member ID.

All NINDS Repository fibroblast cell line orders (does not include fibroblast-derived DNA orders) must include a completed Fibroblast Request Form prior to approval of the order. Please submit all Fibroblast Request Forms to; to best facilitate the order approval process, please reference the order number when submitting the request form. The form can be found here.


*samples refers to unique subjects