Liu X, Campbell MR, Pittman GS, Faulkner EC, Watson MA, Bell DA, Expression-based discovery of variation in the human glutathione S-transferase M3 promoter and functional analysis in a glioma cell line using allele-specific chromatin immunoprecipitation. Cancer Res65(1):99-104 2005
PubMed ID: 15665284

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Catalog IDGenderFamilyRelationshipDescription
GM07348Female1345motherCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07350Female1345daughterCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07354Female1345daughterCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07351Male1345sonCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07353Male1345sonCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07355Male1345sonCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07356Male1345sonCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345
GM07349Male1345fatherCEPH/UTAH PEDIGREE 1345