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Catalog IDDescriptionCell TypeCell LineDNAPanelGenotypesSexAgeRacePDL
ND20931TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND20931NoNoMale14 YRCaucasian 
ND20609TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND20609NoNoMale9 YRCaucasian 
ND22024TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND22024NoNoMale22 YRCaucasian 
ND21295TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND21295NoNoMale67 YRCaucasian 
ND25501TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND25501NoNoMale13 YRCaucasian 
ND26256TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND26256NoNoMale9 YRCaucasian 
ND33631TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND33631NoNoMale10 YRCaucasian 
ND31590TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND31590NoNoMale66 YRCaucasian 
ND23607TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND23607NoNoMale30 YRCaucasian 
GM09646GILLES DE LA TOURETTE SYNDROME; GTSB-LymphocyteYesInquireNoNoFemale52 YRCaucasian 
ND20131TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND20131NoNoMale15 YRCaucasian 
ND21384TOURETTE SYNDROME NoND21384NoNoMale21 YRCaucasian 
Viewing 1 - 12 of 1000 ResultsPage(s) 12345678910...