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Catalog IDDescriptionCell TypeCell LineDNAPanelGenotypesSexAgeRacePDL
GM07773CHRONIC GRANULOMATOUS DISEASE (XK-RELATED; CGD) - 306400 OR 314850B-LymphocyteYesNA07773NoNoFemale28 YRCaucasian 
GM07692MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, DUCHENNE TYPE; DMDB-LymphocyteYesInquireNoNoFemale Caucasian 
GM07691MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, DUCHENNE TYPE; DMDB-LymphocyteYesNA07691NoNoMale Caucasian 
GM07947MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, DUCHENNE TYPE; DMDB-LymphocyteYesNA07947NoNoMale14 YRCaucasian 
Viewing 4 Result(s)