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dbGaP Study Description: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Repository Parkinson's Disease Collection
dbGaP Study Detail Description: The NINDS repository was established in October 2001 with the goal of developing standardized, broadly useful diagnostic and other clinical data, as well as a collection of DNA and cell line samples to further advance gene discovery of neurological disorders. All samples and both phenotypic and genotypic data are available to the research community including academic and industry scientists. This collection includes thousands of samples and associated phenotypic data sets from individuals with Parkinsonism, including Parkinson's disease (PD). Epidemiological studies have shown an estimated cumulative prevalence of PD of greater than 1 per thousand. When prevalence is limited to senior populations, this proportion increases nearly 10-fold. The estimated genetic risk ratio for PD is approximately 1.7 (70% increased risk for PD if a sibling has PD) for all ages, and increases over 7-fold for those under age 66 years. The role for genes contributing to the risk of PD is therefore significant.
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Catalog IDDiagnosisCell TypeRaceAgeGenderAffected
ND00002PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian38 YRFemaleYes
ND00003PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian73 YRMaleYes
ND00004PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian49 YRMaleYes
ND00006PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian32 YRMaleYes
ND00007PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian34 YRFemaleYes
ND00008PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian47 YRMaleYes
ND00010PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian42 YRMaleYes
ND00012PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian73 YRFemaleYes
ND00013PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian70 YRFemaleYes
ND00014PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian64 YRMaleYes
ND00015PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian30 YRMaleYes
ND00017PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian57 YRFemaleYes
ND00018PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian70 YRFemaleYes
ND00019PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian69 YRFemaleYes
ND00020PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian71 YRFemaleYes
ND00021PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian43 YRFemaleYes
ND00023PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian35 YRMaleYes
ND00026PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian65 YRMaleYes
ND00027PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian48 YRFemaleYes
ND00029PARKINSON DISEASEB-LymphocyteCaucasian60 YRFemaleYes