Virtual Fair Document Guidelines

If Coriell must transition the event to a virtual format in 2022, we will require students to submit different documentation than the in-person Fair. The two required uploads for the virtual fair are a PDF Slide deck and journal pages. These documents must be submitted to STEM Wizard in PDF format by March 13, 2022 at 11:00PM and they must follow the criterion listed below.

Journal Pages

At the in-person Fair, judges would have the opportunity to review the notes during the judging session with no students present. In preparation for a virtual Fair, journal pages will be uploaded for the judges to review in advance of the student interviews.

A typed document is preferred but scanned pages will be accepted. Must be uploaded as one complete document, individual pages will not be accepted. Be sure your last name or school name are not visible.

PDF Slide deck

This slide deck will take the place of your physical posterboard.

Use this template provided by Coriell to begin your PowerPoint. It is in accordance with the following requirements.

Format Requirements:

  • It is important to remember that the judges will be viewing your presentation on a computer screen. A clean PowerPoint design ensures that all of your hard work is showcased, not your graphic design ability.
  • The page size MUST be standard 11 X 8.5 .
  • The page background color must remain white. This ensures that any judges with color vision problems will be able to read the presentation.
  • The text color should be predominantly black.
  • All text should be easily readable when viewing the entire page at once. Minimum font size for content is 14pt. Your page titles should be an 18pt. font minimum.
  • There should be no links or embedded video in the document.
  • The presentation MUST be saved as a single PDF document limited to no more than 12 pages (the required paperwork display slides, e.g. 1C, 5B, and 7, do not count towards the slide number limit).

Format Recommendations:

  • These recommendations will help ensure that your work and progress are adequately displayed in a
    readable format.
  • Do not use non-standard fonts or colors. If you have doubts about a font, use Arial, it is the default for Google Slides and is included in Mac and Windows.
  • Avoid long expository paragraphs. State your points succinctly.
  • Use bullet points or numbering where appropriate to clearly make your points.
  • Try to keep all of your text consistent across the presentation. Remember, this is a scientific paper, impress the judges with your work.