Partners in Biomarker Research

As genomic research into the causes and treatments of disease moves rapidly into the era of personalized medicine, an increasing number of biomedical studies are based on identifying "biomarkers" that will aid in the rapid and efficient prediction of susceptibility, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease tailored to an individual.

Although the term biomarker is a relatively recent development, Coriell Institute has been involved in the banking of valuable samples for biomarker studies since 2000. The Institute began storing plasma samples at ultra-low temperatures (-80 o C) for individual investigators, but now the collections number thousands of samples which are routinely distributed for biomarker studies.

Today, the range of samples stored at Coriell has expanded to include plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), RNA and DNA from fresh whole blood samples, and saliva – as can be seen below alongside the number of individual specimen available at Coriell.

Sample Type                       Number of Samples

Cerebrospinal Fluid             19,304

DNA                                       161,556

RNA                                       10,814

Plasma                                  104,948

Saliva                                     15,207

Serum                                   19,933

Urine                                     10,273

Whole Blood                         45,534

Key Biomarker Research Services at Coriell

  • Receipt and storage of a variety of samples at optimal temperature including blood, plasma, serum, CSF, urine, saliva, blood DNA and RNA
  • Processing of samples to yield DNA, RNA, including rigorous QC
  • Reporting of life-cycle of samples; enterprise level LIMS
  • Hemoglobin assays to assess quality of serum, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid
  • Development of additional biomarker assays and Quality Control
  • Redundant backup generators for all storage facilities
  • Controlled access to samples and associated data
  • ISO9001:2008 certified