Summer Experience

 Thank you for your interest in our Summer Experience Program. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 program. 

We look forward to re-opening the opportunity in 2022.

About the Summer Experience

The Coriell Summer Experience for Students is an opportunity for high school and college students to not only work alongside world-renowned scientists and researchers, but also gain insights into pursuing a career in science.

Coriell is recognized as a pioneer in genomic discovery, an authority in the field of stem cell research, and the world's leading Biobank. The 4-week Summer Experience program offers students an exclusive glimpse into this world of cutting­edge science, as they complete rotations in the lnstitute's laboratories and receive individualized instruction and direction from a group of expert mentors. The students also learn to operate and work closely with Coriell's state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Each day, the students begin with a lecture presented by a scientific stat member. Afterward, the group moves on to the morning lab, which consists of observing various processes and then participating in mini-projects and data analysis. After lunch, the labs involve more independent work, and permit students to translate the lessons learned in the classroom environment to the bench.

Rotations start in Cell Culture, where the focus is on learning the fundamental techniques of culturing, freezing, and distributing the samples that support the Coriell Biobank. In Coriell's Cytogenomics Lab, the students practice karyotyping - a methodology designed to characterize chromosomes and identify genetic disorders.

Within the Stem Cell Lab, the work shifts to the exploration of induced pluripotent stem cells - a powerful research resource made from the body's skin and blood cells. During a stint in Coriell's Molecular Biology Lab, the students extract DNA and use gel electrophoresis to identify and construct a pedigree. The Experience also includes a helpful resume-building workshop as well as practice with public speaking and formal presentations.

Educational growth and development is the goal of the Coriell Summer Experience for Students. While the group travels together through the Institute and often works together in pairs, the high school-aged participants absorb advice from their peers and explore their interest in the sciences. For the students enrolled in college, the emphasis is on having unique access to mentors and beginning to plot a career path.


Students interested in the program must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age by July 1;
  • Have a strong interest in science (advanced science classes are preferred);
  • Be available to participate in all four weeks of the program.

Student Presentations

At the culmination of the Summer Experience for Students program, students present a formal PowerPoint presentation discussing a societal impact of the lnstitute's research to an assembly of Coriell staff.

Highlights of past student presentations can be seen below.

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