Coriell Summer Experience for Students

Running from July 6 through August 3, the Coriell Summer Experience for Students is an opportunity for high school and college students to work alongside world-renowned scientists and researchers and gain insights into careers in science or related areas. Coriell Institute for Medical Research's summer program offers eight paid positions. Coriell is recognized as a pioneer in genomic discovery, an authority in the field of stem cell research, and the world's leading biobank.

In our four-week Summer Experience, we offer to students an exclusive opportunity to experience and be part of the day-to-day research activities in dynamic research and biobanking environments, and we offer the possibility to experience biobank operations.

Students will have the opportunity to apply for a summer experience in the following areas:

Biobank Laboratories: Stem Cell, Cell Culture, and Molecular biology

Biobank Operations: Research Project Manager, Finance, and Informatic technology (IT)

Research Laboratories: Informatics and  epigenetics (College level-Only)

Each student will spend time in one of the areas and receive individualized instruction and direction from a group of expert mentors. The students may also have an opportunity to learn to operate and work closely with Coriell's state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

In the Cell Culture Lab, the focus is on learning and supporting the fundamental techniques of culturing, freezing, and distributing the samples that support the Coriell Biobank. Within the Stem Cell Lab, the work shifts to the exploration of induced pluripotent stem cells - a powerful research resource made from the body's skin and blood cells. The students may also observe karyotyping, a methodology designed to characterize chromosomes and identify genetic disorders. During a stint in Coriell's Molecular Biology Lab, the students will learn about and support the efforts of extracting DNA from various sample types.

In IT, students will learn how Coriell’s IT infrastructure works and what technologies we use to stay connected and distribute information at Coriell. You will also be helping with various IT projects and ultimately come away with knowledge of how an IT infrastructure department functions.

Working with Coriell's Project Management team, the focus will be on shadowing the sample submission process and helping with administrative tasks that support the Coriell Biobank.

In the research laboratories, students will have the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge, practical skills in research, and scientific experimentation under the close guidance of mentors.

The Experience also includes helpful seminars to help with resume-building, interviewing, and career paths, as well as practice with public speaking with journal clubs and formal presentations.


Students interested in the program must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age by July 1
  • Have a strong interest in science (advanced science classes are preferred)
  • Be available to participate in all four weeks of the program
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • No lodging or transportation will be provided. All applicants should be able to commute to Coriell's facility in Camden, New Jersey.

Student Presentations

At the culmination of the Summer Experience for Students program, students present a formal PowerPoint presentation discussing what they have learned at the institute to an assembly of Coriell staff and their own peers.


Please complete this form to apply. The deadline for applications is May 10.

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