Delaware Valley Science Fair

Top winners at the Coriell Institute Science Fair qualify to advance to the regional finals at the Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF).

The 2023 DVSF is scheduled to take place April 4th  through April 6th and will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

This is an exciting opportunity for student scientists to showcase their talents alongside the top projects from throughout the region! And, students who place at the top in the DVSF proceed to the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair with many expenses paid! The 2023 ISEF competition will take place in Dallas, Texas, between May 13th and May 19th.

How to Advance

You can enter DVSF if:

You are an individual project in 6-8th grade and won 1st or 2nd

You are a team project in 6th-8th grade and won 1st or 2nd

You are an individual project in 9-12th grade and won 1st   or 2nd

You are a team project in 9th-12th grade and won 1st 

Coriell will automatically register you by forwarding your project paperwork to DVSF officials.

How to Prepare for the Fair

It is your responsibility to be prepared to compete at the DVSF. You can find this year's procedures for DVSF here. For more information, visit the DVSF's homepage.

Good luck!