Miruna Sasu, PhD

Coriell Board of Trustees

Miruna Sasu, PhD, currently serves as President and CEO at COTA Inc, an innovative oncology real-world data and solutions company. She is known for developing technology companies with a deep focus in understanding life science/drug development value drivers and aims to advance complex objectives that help lengthen and enhance human lives.

In 2022, Miruna was recognized as one of the top 25 women leaders in biotechnology for her trailblazing work in the invention and application of innovative next-generation solutions to solve tangible problems across a variety of healthcare industry sectors. A few examples include sophisticated deep genomics interrogation with fit-for-purpose AI models, data-driven clinical trial patient finding and matching, and decentralized clinical trials. She is a people-oriented executive with a wealth of experience in building and scaling cutting-edge solutions and restructuring large organizations from large pharmaceutical companies all the way to building small companies from the ground up.

In past roles, Miruna has led organizations at Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she revolutionized company-wide use of technology for minimizing cost of drug development, use of real-world data for faster drug development, and application of data sciences across enterprise drug portfolios from drug discovery all the way to commercialization and post-marketing.

Miruna holds a Ph.D. in biology and statistics from Penn State University and an MBA from Temple University.