Coriell welcomes high school students, business leaders, governmental officials, and others to tour the Institute and interact with our staff and scientists.

Visitors can visit the cell culture laboratory and see how – from just four teaspoonfuls of blood or from a skin biopsy – it is possible to establish a cell culture and prepare DNA which can be used by scientists worldwide to study disease.

In the Stem Cell Laboratory, visitors will learn about the latest in stem cell research including a new biotechnology – induced pluripotent stem cells. Using this technology, we can now take skin cells and turn them into neurons or beating heart cells. Our researchers will explain how the ability to create these new cells will allow researchers to better study disease and create more effective drugs to alleviate or even reverse disease.

Coriell scientists in our Molecular Biology Laboratory will discuss how studying the interactions between and within cells helps us to understand the process of disease, and how and where in the process we can stop it. 

Your tour of the Institute is not complete without spending time in Coriell’s renowned Biobank where we store close to 3 million vials of non-contaminated cell cultures in sealed Pyrex vials at -316° Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen, and millions of tubes of DNA at -80° Fahrenheit. Our Coriell staff will show you just how cold liquid nitrogen is!

To arrange a tour of the Institute, please email communications@coriell.org.

Outside of the Insitute

Coriell is always eager to participate in regional events that celebrate science, and we enjoy showcasing our research programs and accomplishment in a variety of forums. 

As scheduling allows, Coriell scientists and staff are available for speaking engagements, lectures, and media appearances on a wide variety of topics. Please email communications@coriell.org to discuss your ideas.