Standardization to Ensure Accuracy

The Genome in a Bottle Consortium has selected several genomes to produce and characterize as reference materials. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed NIST Reference Materials from these genomes, which are DNA extracted from a large homogenized growth of B lymphoblastoid cell lines from the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository at Coriell Institute for Medical Research.

DNA and cell lines are available. iPSCs coming soon.

Coriell ID NIST ID RM Number Description Gender Race Ethnicity Relationship Collection
NA12878 HG001 RM8398 CEPH/UTAH Female Caucasian Utah/Mormon Mother Apparently Healthy
NA24385 HG002 RM8391 PGP Male Caucasian Ashkenazim Jewish Son Personal Genome Project
NA24149 HG003 RM8392 (trio) PGP Male Caucasian Ashkenazim Jewish Father Personal Genome Project
NA24143 HG004 RM8392 (trio) PGP Female Caucasian Ashkenazim Jewish Mother Personal Genome Project
NA24631 HG005 RM8393 PGP Male Asian Chinese Son Personal Genome Project
NA24694 N/A N/A PGP Male Asian Chinese Father Personal Genome Project
NA24695 N/A N/A PGP Female Asian Chinese Mother Personal Genome Project