1. NIGMS Repository Overview

Welcome to the Family Portal for donating to the NIGMS Repository! 


NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository

The NIGMS Repository is a research biobank. This means that we collect blood and/or tissue samples from individuals with genetic diseases and make them into cell lines and DNA for scientists to use in biomedical research. We do not conduct research here at Coriell, but we do provide the materials for scientists around the world to perform research on genetic disorders. We do not provide donors with any results regarding their genetic disease nor information on their sample itself. 

The submission process is as follows: it is a one-time sample donation and submission paperwork to be completed for each sample donor. We will send you a sample collection kit, free of charge, which includes instructions and all necessary materials for the sample collection and return of the kit back to us (including a prepaid return shipping label). You must submit supporting clinical data (e.g. genetic test results, medical records, physician summary records) which describe the diagnosis. The more additional information you provide, the more valuable the sample will be for researchers. 

    Back-to-Submitter Rights

    If a donated sample results in the establishment of a cell line that is accepted for inclusion in the NIGMS Repository's Online Catalog, you may designate a qualified researcher of your choice to receive, without charge, a single “back-to-submitter” sample. This “back-to-submitter” sample can either be the cell line/DNA derived from the submission, or it can be a single sample of any other cell line/DNA sample in the NIGMS Repository (excluding induced pluripotent stem cell lines).

    If you are interested in having a cell line or DNA sample sent to a researcher with your Back-to-Submitter credit, please reach out to the Repository Team at NIGMS@coriell.org.


    Please see our FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions

    If you have any questions that are not answered in this Family Portal, please email us at NIGMS@coriell.org