Research Program Internship

The Research program is an internship opportunity for college students to work alongside world-renowned scientists and researchers and gain insights into careers in science or related areas. Students will spend time in the laboratory and receive individualized direction from a group of expert mentors; the students will have the chance to learn basic and applied cellular, molecular, and biochemical techniques. The deadline for applications is April 1.

The Research program will enhance academic credentials and provide the opportunity to develop new areas of interest. This position is funded via the CAIGP (NJ Career Accelerator Internship Grant Program, which allocates state funds from the Office of Secretary of High Education to New Jersey employers interested in hosting undergraduate and graduate interns from New Jersey’s institutions of higher education, or permanent residents of New Jersey.

Responsibilities, duties, and projects:

  • Achieve a general understanding of the basic principles and goals of the research project
  • Under direct supervision, learn and conduct routine laboratory experiments following established procedures, including assays, DNA extraction, tissue culture, protein purification, PCR analysis, and electrophoresis
  • Assist in executing research experiments related to the project through materials preparation, proper documentation, and sample collection and processing
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Under supervision, understand general concepts related to using standard research equipment such as microscopes, incubators, autoclaves, and centrifuges
  • Prepare and maintain detailed documentation (test plan protocols, reports, specifications, standard operating procedures)
  • Perform literature searches and library investigations as they relate to the research
  • Participate in weekly seminars, lab meetings, and other activities to further knowledge of research and development
  • Create a final presentation to share with the team

Desired Majors:

Bachelor’s Degree of Science in one of the following disciplines:

  • Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology
  • Life Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, etc.

Strict Requirements:

  • Must be actively enrolled, or recently graduated (May 2023 – Present), from an institute of higher education located in the State of New Jersey, in one of the majors listed above, or similar disciplines,
    • Permanent Residents of New Jersey may be considered if they attend an institute of higher education located outside of the State of New Jersey, but must have a New Jersey Address on their active government ID.
  • Must be able to remain employed for a 10 week tenure, 20 hours per week.
  • Must have reliable transportation to Camden, NJ, where Coriell is located.

Position Classifications:

  • Pay Rate: $20.00/hour
  • Hours per week: 20 hours per week (Maximum)
  • Position Length: 10 weeks
  • FLSA Class: Non-Exempt (Hourly)
  • Part-time, Seasonal Employment, Not Benefit Eligible


  • Onsite Gym Access
  • Campus Cafeteria (Cooper Hospital)
  • Welcome to Company Social Events
  • 5-minute walk from Broadway PATCO Stop, access to SEPTA, NJ Transit routes
  • Onsite Parking offered

How to Apply:

  • Follow link to Google Form Application,
  • Submit an update resume and academic transcripts
  • Submit a cover letter, answering two questions:
  1. What are your expectations for this Internship program?
  2. How would this Internship help you with your career aspirations?