How to Register

Welcome teachers and sponsors! This section is intended to help guide you through the fair process. As a registered teacher/sponsor, you are able to review and manage all projects associated with your account.

Registering as a Teacher/Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to us at Be sure to include your school name, school address, and the best contact number to reach you.

There are two ways to link a teacher/sponsor account to a student account.

  1. Teacher/sponsor registers on the student's behalf.
    IMPORTANT: This option is best for those who work with younger students.

    As a teacher, you are able to register your students. To do so, you will need to log into your account. On the left-hand side, you will see the dashboard. Click on "Student Management."

    You will then be directed to a new page. From here, you'll click the “Add Student” button on the right.

    A student registration form will appear. Each student should have their own individual account. You will be required to enter details for each field, including a username and password. We recommend creating the username from the student's full name, using the first initial and full last name (for example, John Smith's username would be jsmith).

    Tip: STEM Wizard may pre-fill the username and password fields with the teacher/sponsor's username and password. Be sure to enter unique usernames for each of your students.

  2. Students register themselves

    If your student has already registered, you can still link your accounts. In order to do so, the student will need to log in and complete the first Milestone "Project Information." The fields of this Milestone must be entered before the student can progress any further. One of those fields requires students to select a teacher from a drop-down list. Once the teacher/sponsor's name is selected and the Milestone has been saved, the accounts will sync up.

    If a teacher/sponsor's name isn't listed, students can select the first option, "1 – temporary," as a place holder until the teacher/sponsor can register with the Coriell Science Fair Team. Be sure to update that field if "1 – temporary" is selected.