Human Genetic Cell Repository

The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository, sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, provides scientists around the world with resources for cell and genetic research. Established in 1972 at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, the NIGMS Repository contains more than 11,700 cell lines, primarily fibroblasts and transformed lymphoblasts, and more than 6,300 DNA samples. Currently, the NIGMS HGCR catalog also contains nearly 60 iPSC lines. Repository samples represent a variety of disease states, chromosomal abnormalities, apparently healthy individuals and many distinct human populations.

Data on this website and information derived from the samples in the NIGMS Repository may not be used to determine the identity of any individual who provided a sample. Sample data available in the NIGMS Repository regarding race, ethnicity, and/or ancestry is self-reported information provided by sample submitters. Coriell has not verified the accuracy of such data. Please direct any questions about these policies to


  • Nov 2020

    NIGMS Repository Presents Poster at ASHG Virtual Meeting

    The American Society for Human Genetics meeting took place virtually this year, with participants joining plenary sessions, workshops, and poster talks, spanning the last week of October.

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  • Jul 2020

    NIGMS Repository at the RARE Drug Development Symposium

    Earlier this month, Global Genes and the University of Pennsylvania Orphan Disease Center partnered to host the 2020 RARE Drug Development Symposium (RDDS)). Taking place virtually this year, the RDDS brought together patients, advocates, academic researchers, and industry sponsors to educate, collaborate, and inspire.

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  • Jun 2020

    Launch of the Coriell Catalog’s new SNP Search Tool

    NIGMS Repository catalog users now have a new tool to identify cell lines and DNA needed for their research. The new SNP Search allows users to search for a specific genetic variant...

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