In-Person Fair Document Guidelines

Returning to an in-person event is exciting because it allows for more engagement - however, our experience with the previous two virtual fairs has allowed us to advance our technology and to refine our procedures to allow students, teachers, and judges greater access to information.

Therefore, in addition to the standard SRC paperwork and the full project documentation/display presented on Fair day, we will be asking students to provide an abridged summary of their projects that the judges will be able to review prior to Fair day. It is important to remember that this is just a summary of the project and not the project in full. Please be sure to title your upload "Project Preview."

Required information:

  • Project Title
  • Project Category
  • Abstract (be sure to use the same abstract that you will be including as part of the project)
  • Project summary – treat this as a sales pitch showing highlights of your project
  • Describe your inspiration for this project
  • Briefly describe elements of the project that excited you. This could be unexpected results, new discoveries, or novel methods or devices.
  • Briefly describe elements of the project that may have been a detriment. Be honest, science is about discovery. Engineering is about creating new things. There is no failure, just the discovery of what didn’t work or what might not be true.
  • Briefly describe further areas of research, new applications, or improvements to the experiment/equipment

Document Format:

  • Title of uploaded document must be "Project Preview"
  • Text only, no photos
  • Black text on white pages
  • Two (2) pages MAX
  • Minimum Font size of 12
  • Must upload as a PDF