About this Collection

The Allen Cell Collection is a bank of human induced pluripotent stem cells that are currently derived from the WTC parental line released by the Conklin Laboratory at the J. David Gladstone Institute (available through Coriell as GM25256, where you can also find the de-identified patient information associated with the line). 

To answer the most basic questions about human health and disease, we need to understand how the dynamic organization and activities of the cell drive its function. This set of powerful gene edited human stem cells from the Allen Institute for Cell Science (AICS) is the first publicly available collection of hiPSC lines with key structural proteins fluorescently tagged.

All gene editing and quality control were performed by the Allen Institute for Cell Science.

Inaugural Collection

The first collection of five stem cell lines target key structures of the cell, empowering a broad, multi-structure view of how cells change as they execute their various activities and differentiate. This provides a powerful platform to identify the functions of new genes, screen drugs and determine differentiation state.

In this inaugural collection the following structures can be visualized in living cells:

  •          Nucleus, by tagging the protein Lamin B1
  •          Mitochondria, by tagging the protein Tom20
  •          Microtubules, by tagging the protein Alpha-tubulin
  •          Adhesions, by tagging the protein Paxilin
  •          Cell-cell junctions, by tagging the protein Desmoplakin

Quality Assurance

Each cell line has undergone a broad range of quality control experiments to ensure precise insertion of the fluorescent tag and localization of the tagged protein to the correct cellular compartment without disrupting the cells’ overall genomic integrity. More details about how these lines are generated and the Quality Control steps involved in their generation are available by clicking on the AICS link provided for each line in the “Order Page” for each cell line.