Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

The Coriell Flow Cytometry Facility is capable of flow cytometry analysis with BD FACSymphony (detecting maximum 16 colors) and SONY sorter cell sorting (sterile, at speeds up to 20,000 cells/sec) from homogeneous or mixed cell populations based on up to six fluorochromes, which can sort up to two separate populations simultaneously, including human-derived samples at the BSL-2 level.

Facility personnel support investigators in creating efficient and cost-effective experimental designs — namely, by optimizing cytometry-specific reagent and fluorochrome selection — and offer assistance in operation of analysis instruments.

Our facility also provides technical support for analyses of flow and imaging cytometry data for publication, presentation, and inclusion in grant applications; manage cytometric data (storage, archiving, and retrieval); and manage a site license for low-cost post-acquisition analysis software.

BD FACSymphony A3

Four lasers: Violet, Blue, Green, Red

Detection of 16 colors

SONY 800HZ Three lasers: Violet, Blue, Red

Detection of 6 colors

Single cell sorting To 96-well plate

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Core Director: Dr. Jian Huang, Email

Core Technical Director: Dr. Zhaorui Lian, Email