Sample Procurement

Through the collections in its care, Coriell has a vast selection of biological samples available to scientists around the world for use in their work. Samples representing rare, heritable diseases, samples representative of people around the world, and many induced pluripotent stem cell lines can be found on the Coriell online catalog.

To serve scientists seeking samples that are not currently available, Coriell is now collaborating with professionals in prospective sample collection to provide our clients with a wide range of biospecimens that can be individually tailored to meet your needs.

These include samples representing:

Infectious Cancer Respiratory Cardiology Apparently Healthy
Carcinoma Flu
Fresh Frozen Heart Tissue Whole Blood
BV/CV Melanoma Covid 19 Heart Tissue Block Plasma
Malaria Lung Flu B Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Serum
EBV Head and Neck Pertusis Miocord FFPE Tissue PBMC
HCV Breast RSV Normal Donors- Miocord FFPE Heart Tissue
TB Colorectal Omicron Variants Cardiology Disease Heart Failure Miocord Tissue
Chickungunya Kaposi Sarcoma
CMV Lymphoma
HBV Prostate
HSV/V Oropharyngeal
Zika Pancreatic
Rubella Thyroid
CT/NG Uterine
Dengu Bladder
BKV Kidney

Above is a partial list of potential samples that can be procured. There are many other options for disease representation and sample type. If you are interested in this service, click below and tell us you’d like samples collected. 

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