Nucleic Acid Isolation and Quality Control

To produce unassailable scientific research, scientists require the highest quality biospecimens, including cell lines, DNA and RNA. Coriell provides the highest quality biomaterials available through our Molecular Biology Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility utilizing robotics and liquid handling instruments for high throughput extraction and unparalleled QC analysis.  

Our lab routinely extracts DNA from blood, saliva and lymphoblastoid cells and has the capacity to extract DNA from cells, blood and saliva in a high-throughput manner to meet your projects needs. DNA undergoes rigorous quality assessment via Qubit fluorometry, spectrophotometry and gel electrophoresis using DIN assay on an Agilent TapeStation 4200.

Microsatellite analysis using the ABI 3730 Capillary Sequencer is routinely performed on all extractions to verify sample origin. We use two TECAN Freedom EVO® liquid handling robots for the preparation of both custom-designed and catalog 96-well plates. We currently manage hundreds of thousands of units of DNA from both apparently healthy and diseased individuals. 

In addition, Coriell isolates DNA from blood, saliva and cell pellets. Over the last three decades, Coriell has distributed many hundreds of thousands of DNA samples worldwide. In addition to providing quality genetic biomaterial, Coriell offers many preparative and diagnostic molecular biology services – all subject to extensive quality controls – for scientists to utilize in an effort to further ongoing research.  Coriell is your trusted resource for all your molecular biology needs.

Key Molecular Biology Services at Coriell

  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • Customized product preparations
  • Identity testing
  • Species identity testing
  • Sex determination assay
  • Verification of family pedigrees
  • Mycoplasma screening

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The Coriell Institute for Medical Research’s quality management system has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.