Your Support in Action

While Coriell is fortunate to be engaged in federally- and state-funded grants and contracts, many of Coriell’s initiatives and programs are so cutting-edge they rely on private philanthropy.

Private support is advancing the exciting field of personalized medicine. The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative® research study – launched solely by private funding – gains momentum daily. More than 8,500 participants are enrolled and the analyses of what people are doing with their personalized results is now underway. Coriell has received many accolades for this work in mainstream media forums, such as USA Today, regional news television, and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Private support is leading the latest developments in stem cell technology. The institute’s Stem Cell Biobank has technology that only a few labs in our country are capable of – making stem cells from skin and blood cells. Imagine the day when your doctor takes a few of your skin cells, sends them to a lab to be “reprogrammed,” and then weeks later, treats you with your own neurons or cardiac cells. Thanks to donor support, the foundation for this medical future is being built at Coriell right now.

Private support is driving research worldwide. The Coriell Biobank has allowed both Coriell scientists and research investigators around the world to advance research programs in genetics and cell biology. Since the first repository – a National Institutes of Health collection – was established at Coriell in 1964, millions of cell lines and DNA samples have been distributed to researchers in 66 countries; more than 7,000 peer-reviewed papers have been published citing over 12,000 biospecimens from the Coriell Biobank. Private support has allowed us to explore additional biobanking opportunities.

Your support is vital to Coriell. You decide how your gift will be used at Coriell. Your unrestricted gift can support any one of the many research questions being pursued by Coriell scientists. Alternatively, your restricted gifts may be designated for specific purposes, such as the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative®, adult stem cell research, or for our education program such as internships, the Coriell Institute Science Fair, post-doctoral studies, and other community outreach.

Thank you! We are grateful for your generous support.

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