Your Support in Action

While fortunate that our core biobanking program is primarily underwritten by federal and state-funded grants; the Coriell Institute is greatly dependent upon private philanthropy to advance all other key programs; including epigenetic cancer research, induced pluripotent stem Cells (iPSC), community outreach and educating the next generation of expert researchers. 

Private support is advancing  biomedical research worldwide. Since establishing our first repository – a National Institutes of Health collection – millions of cell lines and DNA samples have been distributed to researchers in 85 countries; facilitating over 16,000 unique scientific research programs globally.

Private support is leading the latest developments in stem cell technology. The Coriell Institute’s Stem Cell Biobank has expertise that few labs in our country are capable of – making stem cells from skin and blood cells. Imagine the day when your doctor takes a few of your skin cells, sends them to a lab to be “reprogrammed,” and then weeks later, treats you with your own neurons or cardiac cells. Thanks to donor support, the foundation for this medical future is being built at Coriell right now.

You can choose the programs you wish to impact the most.  Your unrestricted gift empowers leadership to apply gifts to our greatest needs as we fulfill our mission to prevent and cure disease through biomedical research.  Alternatively, you may choose to restrict you gift to specific programs, such as the Camden Opioid Research Initiative, adult stem cell research, or for our education program such as internships, the Coriell Institute Science Fair, post-doctoral studies, and other community outreach. Please contact our development department at 856-412-6993 or to discuss options. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and for deeming Coriell worthy of your generous support!

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