Jozef Madzo, PhD

Director of Bioinformatics

Jozef Madzo, PhD, is Coriell’s director of Bioinformatics and in this role Jozef oversees and steers the Institute’s bioinformatics work.

Jozef's primary research interest is in understanding the mechanisms underlying the regulation of gene expression using bioinformatics and computational biology approaches, with a focus on the mechanisms underlying the genetic and epigenetic regulation of noncoding and repetitive DNA. He is especially interested in the interplay of repetitive elements with the immune system and its role in human disease, including cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Prior to joining Coriell, Jozef served as the head of the bioinformatics core at the Fels Institute for Cancer Research & Molecular Biology at Temple University.

Jozef earned his Doctor of Philosophy with a focus on Biomedicine from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and later earned his Master of Science in Bioinformatics from Temple University.