British from England and Scotland [GBR]

Available Samples Family Relationships
Cell Cultures: 100
DNA: 100
DNA Sample Panel: MGP00003
 Unrelated Individuals:  100



Population Description

These cell lines and DNA samples were prepared from blood samples collected in the United Kingdom, as part of a larger ongoing project (The People of the British Isles - A UK Control population). All of the samples are from unrelated individuals, 51 women and 49 men, who identified themselves as having all four of their grandparents born in the same rural area. Each rural area was generally defined as being less than 40 miles apart from the next rural area. These samples can be considered representative of the areas in the UK from which they were collected.

Referring to Populations

The full population descriptor is British from England and Scotland.  The shorthand label is British and the abbreviation is GBR.

It may be scientifically appropriate to pool data from these samples with data from other ancestrally related groups, when the data show that the groups have similar allele frequencies. If all groups are of European ancestry, the designation “European ancestry” (EUA) to describe the combined analysis panel is recommended. If only groups very closely related to the British have similar allele frequencies, then another abbreviation may need to be used.

Additional guidance about how to refer to the populations can be found at Guidelines for Referring to the Populations in Publications and Presentations.

Principal Investigator 

  • Walter Bodmer - University of Oxford, Oxford, UK