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Brief Description
This panel contains 5 micrograms of DNA/well from 92 unique and unrelated White individuals without neurological disorders. Of these, 48 are males and 44 females, with an age range at collection from 55-84 years. All are from North America. Four wells remain empty for additional laboratory controls. NDPT093 replaces NDPT0006 and has the same samples except the following samples have been removed: ND01672, ND04404, ND03522, and ND03527. These have been replaced with: ND12982, ND12431, ND14384, and ND03654.

Data collected on these subjects consisted of Control Clinical Data Elements as outlined in the Coriell NINDS Genetics Repository guidelines. These data elements were developed to be consistent with other NIH healthy control sample collections including that of the National Institute on Aging Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease Consortium (LOAD). These data include a detailed medical and family history.

None of the subjects on the panel have a history of neurological illness in themselves. All were asked specifically regarding the following disorders, which were not present: ALS, ataxia, autism, bipolar, brain aneurysm, dementia, dystonia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, stroke, and schizophrenia. None have any first degree relative with any of these neurological disorders, with the following 2 exceptions: ND10951 and ND04502 each have a single known primary blood relative with Parkinson's disease.

All samples and data were collected with informed consent under local IRB approved protocols. These samples are generously shared by Drs. John Hardy, Andrew Singleton, Zbigniew Wszolek, James Meschia, Karen Furie, Gregory Sorensen, David Simon, Russell Buono, Huw Morris, Steven Greenberg, Rup Tandan, Petra Kaufmann, Katrina Gwinn, Okun Mandel, Bradford Worrall, Scott Silliman, Kapil Sethi, David Coffey, Thomas Brott, Kathleen Shannon, Rodger Elble, Kimberly Goslin, and Jim Caress.

Please cite the panel number and the NINDS Repository in any publications, and kindly share those references with the NINDS Repository Management Team at Coriell ( Portions or all of this statement may be used in publications relevant to this panel.

Other Healthy Controls, Positive Controls
Control samples from individuals without neurological disease and with a range of clinical data are available via the NINDS Repository catalogue. Single samples from this panel can also be obtained, individually. Positive control samples for known causal genes are available, as listed, under specific disorders (see NINDS Repository catalog).

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