Our Faculty

Jean-Pierre Issa, MD

  President and Chief Executive Officer 


Woonbok Chung, PhD

Research Scientist 


Kate Driesbaugh, PhD     

Program Director 

Jian Huang, MD, PhD

Senior Scientist for Stem Cell Biology and Gene Engineering

Jaroslav Jelinek, MD

Chief Research Officer

Sameer Kalghatgi, PhD

Director, Laboratory Operations

Ellen Kelly, PhD

Program Director

Dara Kusic, PhD

Research Scientist

Jozef Madzo, PhD

Director, Bioinformatics

Matthew W. Mitchell, PhD

Program Manager

Shoghag Panjarian, PhD

Research Scientist

Deborah Requesens, PhD

Program Director

Alissa Resch, PhD

Scientific Advisor to the President

Laura Scheinfeldt, PhD

Principal Research Scientist

Nahid Turan, PhD

Chief Biobanking Officer