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Submission Instructions

In order to process a submission for inclusion in the Repository, clinical and laboratory documentation of the diagnosis must be provided on a SUBMISSION FORM. Submitters are requested to fill in all applicable blanks on the submission sheets and provide a family pedigree, if available.

Submission of biopsies and blood specimens is preferred to submission of established cell cultures because they can be processed and stored in lower passage. Biopsy specimens should be placed in a T25 tissue culture flask or screw-top vial with culture medium containing 100 units/ml of penicillin and 100 micrograms/ml of streptomycin. The top or cap of the flask should be taped very securely to prevent leakage. Blood specimens should be approximately 10-15 ml in volume and contain acid citrate dextrose solution (ACD) to prevent clotting (yellow-capped tube). Specimens should be packed in a container that will not be broken in transit. The outside of the package should be marked with a warning to keep it at room temperature and not to allow it to be refrigerated, frozen, or overheated.

Early-passage cultures may be submitted when a biopsy or blood specimen cannot be obtained from the patient. The culture flask (preferably T25) should be filled to the top with culture medium and shipped as described above. Mail submission prepaid via overnight delivery service to:

Coriell Cell Repositories
403 Haddon Avenue
Camden, New Jersey 08103

Telephone: 800-752-3805 in the USA
856-757-4848 from other countries

No biopsies or cell cultures submitted to the Aging Cell Repository are to be obtained from a live fetus, defined by the presence of pulse, circulation, and other vital signs.

The submitter of a specimen that is accepted for inclusion in the Repository may receive without charge a single sample of the cell line derived from this submission or a single sample of a different cell line.

Our mission is to prevent and cure disease through biomedical research.


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