Mouse ES Cells Now Available


The Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Collection, consisting of 139 cell lines, has been created by a researcher in the NIA Intramural Research Program, Dr. Minoru S.H. Ko, as part of a project to induce transcription factors and study their effects on core transcriptional regulatory networks. More than 50 of the cell lines were described in a recent publication [Nishiyama et al., Uncovering Early Response of Gene Regulatory Networks in ESCs by Systematic Induction of Transcription Factors, Cell Stem Cell (2009) 2:5(4):420-433. PMID 19796622]. In each cell line, a transcription factor tagged with a FLAG-tag that is inserted into the ROSA 26 locus of a Tet-repressible gene expression system. This polypeptide protein tag will allow researchers to use FLAG as universal bait for immunological assays.

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