Personal Genome Project (PGP) Collection


The Personal Genome Project (PGP) is a long-term, large cohort study that aims to sequence and publicize the complete genomes and medical records of thousands of participants in order to enable personal genomics and personalized medicine research. The PGP is creating a freely available scientific resource placed within the public domain, bringing together genomic, environmental and human trait data so that researchers around the world can use it to understand how genes and environment influence each other, as well as to test various hypotheses about the relationships between genotype, environment and phenotype.

In collaboration with the PGP, the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository (HGCR) offers cell lines and DNA samples from many PGP participants. PGP samples are highly characterized, including DNA sequencing data, self-reported medical information, environmental exposures and phenotypic traits. These samples have been consented for commercial use and for public posting of Personally Identifying Genetic Information (PIGI), which allows open-access, public posting of extensive genetic data. Examples of PIGI include whole-genome SNP array data, whole-exome sequences and whole-genome sequences.

Please click here to see NIGMS Repository PGP samples currently available. 

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