Five New Members Appointed to the NIGMS Repository Scientific Advisory Group


The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository (NIGMS Repository) team presented key updates and chaired discussions during their March 2016 meeting with their Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Program Officers.

Tasked with upholding the integrity, quality and dynamic state of the collection by reviewing core activities and proposing benchmarks, the SAC is comprised of approximately ten-twelve scientists and/or clinicians representing many specialties.

At this March session, five new appointments were made, including: Dr. Gonçalo Abecasis from the University of Michigan School of Public Health; Dr. Laura Conlin, from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania; Dr. Madhuri Hegde, from Emory Genetics Laboratory; Dr. Lisa Kalman, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Evan Y. Snyder, from the University of California, San Diego.

Additionally, Dr. Wendy Chung, of Columbia University, was acknowledged for her contributions during her successful tenure as chair of the SAC (2013-2016). Dr. Debra J.H. Matthews, of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will serve as successor.

For a complete list of NIGMS Repository SAC members and NIGMS Program Officers, click here.

More Information About the Scientific Advisory Committee:
The NIGMS Repository SAC possesses an extensive collective knowledge of human genetics and their guidance and suggestions help to maintain the integrity, quality and dynamic state of the collection. SAC members are chosen to provide expertise in a variety of disciplines, including bioinformatics, clinical genetics, molecular biology, stem cells, cytogenetics, population genetics, biochemical genetics, pharmacogenetics, bioethics and medicine. The SAC meets biannually to assist the NIGMS and NIGMS Repository and SAC members are available throughout the year to review clinical documentation of submissions, advise on best ethical practices, offer recommendations about the acquisition of specific types of samples and/or collections, endorse best practices for the characterization of cell lines, preparation of DNA samples, stem cell reprogramming, and other operational aspects of the NIGMS Repository. The SAC also educates the NIGMS and NIGMS Repository as to the needs of the scientific community, and helps establish goals and new directions.

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