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SNP500Cancer Resource of the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project in the National Cancer Institute

The SNP500Cancer panel is a set of reference samples from four ethnically diverse groups. The SNP500Cancer project seeks to validate known or newly discovered Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and other important classes of genetic variants of potential importance to molecular epidemiology studies of cancer and other diseases.

The panel consists of DNAs from 102 lymphoblastoid cell lines from four ethnically diverse groups. In addition to the 102 samples, DNA from 9 additional fibroblast cell lines originally in the SNP500Cancer project are included (Catalog Number SNP500V). A 96 well plate containing 94 selected DNA samples from lymphoblastoid lines and two open wells will soon be made available (Catalog Number SNP500P).

All samples are anonymized except for information about the ethnic group and gender. The SNP500Cancer project is funded by the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project of the NCI and is specifically designed to generate resources for the identification and characterization of genetic variation in genes important in cancer.

Packer BR, Yeager M, Staats B, Welch R, Crenshaw A, Kiley M, Eckert A, Beerman M, Miller E, Bergen A, Rothman N, Strausberg R, Chanock SJ
SNP500Cancer: a public resource for sequence validation and assay development for genetic variation in candidate genes. Nucleic Acids Res. 2004 Jan 1;32 Database issue:D528-32. PMID: 14681474

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