Students Succeeding in Science


American knowledge and innovation is continuously compared to science, technology, engineering, and math proficiencies in other countries. The excellence embodied in the science showcased at Coriell Institute's 31st Annual Science Fair confirmed that American knowledge and innovation is thriving with a new generation of scientific thinkers.

On March 17, more than 260 students in grades 6 through 12 from Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties participated in this year's fair, held at Camden County College, Blackwood. Those projects that demonstrated strong research were awarded category prizes, and several special awards.

The first of two Lewis L. Coriell Best of Fair Awards for outstanding perseverance and cleverness in the design of an experimental approach to a research problem was awarded to 12th grade homeschooled student Alex McBride, whose engineering project, titled, Plasmonically Enhancing a Quasi-Solid State Quantum Dot Solar Cell with Silver Nanoparticles was highly-regarded by the judges.

The second Best of Fair Award was presented to William Allen Middle School 12th grade student Reeves Balderson for his successful engineering project, Can Improving Collection Efficiency Produce Additional Drinking Water?

Three noteworthy college scholarships are awarded at the Coriell Science Fair each year. David Jacob, from the 11th grade class at Cherry Hill High School East was awarded the Gloucester County College two-year, partial scholarship for his extraordinary science fair project, Does Practice Make Perfect and Why We Make Mistakes. Camden County College presented two 11th grade participants with two-year, full scholarships. From Cherokee High School North, Gabriel Casciato's engineering project, The Elusive Acoustic Sweet Spot was recognized. Cherry Hill High School East student, Lauren Rotkovitz, was awarded for her chemistry project, Analysis of Contaminants on Food.

Each year, Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation offers 3 participants with $100 prizes for showcasing excellent projects in engineering or chemistry. Coriell Institute is grateful for the company's yearly sponsorship of these prizes. They were awarded to Arun Reddy and Ezra Brooks from Cherry Hill High School East, and Jacob Bauldock from Kids for Chemistry.

Those students who finished with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placements move on to participate in the Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF) taking place in early April in Oaks, Pennsylvania. DVSF winners can then advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held in May in Pittsburgh.

Coriell's 31st Annual Science Fair was a wonderful success. The scientists and staff at Coriell extend sincere appreciation to the 72 judges who volunteered their time and attention to the students and their hard work. Coriell also thanks our event sponsors, TD Bank, Roche, Camden County College, and Gloucester County College who provide the financial support necessary to host this important event. Finally, we extend our gratitude to the teachers who guide students toward their first step in science.

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