First Annual Darwin Day


This February 12 marked the first annual recognition of Darwin Day, a recently conceived holiday designed to commemorate the birth of history's favorite naturalist, Charles Darwin, on February 12, 1809.

The day is an occasion to celebrate the many important achievements of Darwin, chief amongst them his theory of evolution. People around the country took time to honor his legacy and body of work by holding various events – the city of Tennessee celebrated in style with a day of themed activities, and many colleges and institutions conducted special symposiums and lectures.

The holiday was introduced and passed as a resolution on the floor of Congress by New Jersey Representative Rush Holt (D) on January 22, 2013. Holt, a former nuclear physicist with an impressive scientific background in his own right, credits the influence and impact of Darwin's work with dramatically shaping the modern scientific landscape.

Charles Darwin was a bold and progressive thinker who recognized the value of discovery and innovation. At Coriell, we too have an appreciation for the bold and progressive – and we salute Darwin and his many accomplishments!

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