Coriell Institute for Medical Research - 2023 Annual Report


It has been a banner year for the Coriell Institute for Medical Research.

We launched the most ambitious research partnership in our history through the Camden Cancer Research Center, with an initial investment of $30 million to support efforts to investigate basic cancer biology and translate that knowledge into new therapies.  The CCRC includes two of Coriell’s neighbors in Camden—Cooper University Health Care and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University—and will support translational research in Camden for many years to come. This research team also took part in a great number of publications last year, all detailed in this report.

Coriell’s biobank marked a tremendous milestone as well. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ Human Genetic Cell Repository celebrated its 50th year at the Coriell Institute. This collection was launched in 1972 as a collaboration between NIGMS and our founder, Dr. Lewis L. Coriell, to establish and build a central, trustworthy biobank which scientists around the world could rely on for reliable, reproducible results.

And the Coriell Institute Science Fair in March—the 42nd year for the fair—was another success. This was the first year that both the fair and the award ceremony were held in person since the start of the pandemic. Winners from this year’s fair explored topics such as the correlation between sleep duration and students’ anxiety levels and school performance, and the effects of food preservatives on the microbiome.

Read about these accomplishments and more in this year’s annual report.


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