Coriell, CPMC Alliance with Air Force


The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) research study's partnership with the United States Air Force is the centerpiece of a statewide publication.

Appearing in the June edition of the New Jersey Technology Council's TechLifeSciNews magazine, the article examines the scope and significance of the alliance.

"We're able to look at a much more complete and extensive data set," says Dr. Michael Christman, Coriell's President and CEO, while discussing the long-term implications of engaging the Department of Defense in the study. "We will be able to see whether telling a person about their risk for melanoma prompted them to make lifestyle changes, including medical screenings, and then, ultimately, whether that individual was ever diagnosed with melanoma in their lifetime."

Click here to read the June issue of TechLifeSciNews.

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