Educational Development Focus of Coriell's Summer Experience


Another successful year of Coriell Institute's Summer Experience for Students has come to a close.

The four-week course – designed for high school and college-aged students interested in pursuing a career in the sciences – concluded earlier this month.

A group of six ambitious students from the area participated in this comprehensive program and received individualized instruction from the Institute's expert scientific staff while completing rotations in Coriell's laboratories.

"Our Summer Experience initiative is such a unique opportunity for educational growth," notes Dr. Courtney Kronenthal, Coriell's Director of Communications and Development, who coordinates the annual program. "Not only do these students have direct access to world-class technology in cutting-edge scientific disciplines, but they are also in the position to work alongside accomplished leaders in the field and gain valuable insights that can shape their academic careers."

Highlights of the 2013 program included a stint in the Coriell Cell Culture Lab, learning the fundamental techniques of culturing, freezing, and distributing cell samples; a glimpse into the Stem Cell Group's progressive induced pluripotent stem cell research; karotyping chromosomes to identify genetic disorders in the Cytogenetics Lab; and a helpful resume-building workshop led by the Institute's Human Resources Department.

To further support the Institute's educational outreach efforts, a talented student recently joined Coriell's Communications Department for a month-long internship focusing on foundational social media research, tactical planning, and implementation strategy.

For more information about Coriell's student program, click here.

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