Dr. Christman Recognized as Healthcare Leader


South Jersey Biz Magazine names Coriell's President and CEO, Dr. Michael Christman, one of the most influential figures in the region's medical field.

As part of a roundup of prominent healthcare advocates, Dr. Christman was acknowledged for his visionary leadership of the Institute's research initiatives.

By citing his efforts to found the cutting-edge Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative research study, in addition to the Institute's pioneering induced pluripotent stem cell program, the publication distinguishes Dr. Christman as one of the driving forces responsible for the surge in localized healthcare infrastructure.

"During the five years I've spent with the Institute, I've witnessed firsthand a reinforced push to make South Jersey a hub of medical industry and innovation," says Dr. Christman. "Our community of world-class institutions is supported by a wealth of talented individuals and collaborative energies."

The article also spotlights John Sheridan, president and CEO of Cooper Health System, Dr. Paul Katz, dean of the new Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, and Dr. Eduardo Careaga, medical director at the Kennedy Comprehensive Breast Center.

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