Coriell Scientists Publish Significant Paper


Several Coriell scientific staff members contributed to a peer-reviewed publication on personalized medicine.

Appearing in the October edition of Genome Medicine, a hub for significant and well-received research findings meant to stimulate discussion and analysis, the article centers on Coriell's personalized medicine study and its efforts to transition pharmacogenomics to the clinical environment.

Titled "The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative Pharmacogenomics Appraisal, Evidence Scoring and Interpretation System," the paper explores the proprietary method developed by the Coriell team to better understand an individual's response to commonly prescribed drugs based on genetic factors.

"The CPMC study has amassed a wealth of informative data, and we feel very fortunate to be able to share our findings with a larger audience in the interest of highlighting this exciting area of study," says Dr. Neda Gharani, Coriell's Senior Research Scientist concentrated on the CPMC and the leading author.

The journal also commissioned a research highlight of the Coriell article in the same issue titled "Translating Pharmacogenomics Discoveries into the Clinic: an Implementation Framework" that makes a recommendation for more efficient clinical practice.

Click here to read the publication. 

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