Coriell's Susan Delaney Honored by NJ General Assembly


This March, Coriell's Director of Government Affairs and Policy, Susan Delaney, was honored alongside fellow New Jersey women leaders in the State Assembly chambers for leadership in the life sciences. In conjunction with "Women's History Week," Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D) and Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D) sponsored a floor resolution acknowledging the women's work while in front of the General Assembly.

Introducing Ms. Delaney to the Assembly, Majority Leader Greenwald reminded his colleagues, "As many of you know from the work we do here in Trenton, Coriell Institute is making incredible strides in their study of the human genome." Greenwald pointed to Ms. Delaney's advocacy on personalized medicine policy as helping to lower the cost of healthcare for New Jersey families.

"We are tremendously proud of Susan's work at Coriell," says Dr. Michael Christman, president and CEO of Coriell, "and are grateful to Assembly members Greenwald and Lampitt for recognizing her talent and impact on personalized medicine at the Institute and beyond."

This year the Assembly chose to focus on the life sciences and salute individuals forging paths in engineering, mathematics and medicine in the Garden State. "At the forefront of these industries are smart, innovative, noteworthy women, including the honorees we have here today," said Assemblywoman Lampitt.

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