Coriell Named One of 50 Agents that will 'Transform' Philadelphia in 2015


As part of a series profiling transformational companies and emergent industry trends, the Philadelphia Business Journal has recognized Coriell Institute and its for-profit spinoff venture, Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), as standout organizations.

The roundup features a mixture of 50 noteworthy leaders, projects and developments – including Rowan University's prolific expansion efforts, the Economic Opportunity Act poised to revitalize and stimulate new business in Camden, the University of Pennsylvania's projected research park, and more – that have the potential to greatly impact Greater Philadelphia in the coming year.

Coriell and CLS are recognized as organizations primed to make great progress through research and technology innovations: "Coriell Institute's for-profit venture, Coriell Life Sciences, is attempting to commercialize its personalized medicine technology and data."

The piece also cites the success of the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative research study and explores CLS' cutting-edge model.

"Coriell Life Sciences has developed a proprietary system for securely storing sequenced genetic data and incorporating genetic risk information into patients' electronic medical records," the article details. "The system is designed to help doctors make better treatment decisions, such as determining the most effective drug therapy for a patient based on his or her genome, while also developing best practices covering the use of genomic information in patient care."

Dr. Michael Christman, President and CEO of Coriell, and Scott Megill, President and CEO of CLS, are mentioned as the primary players steering the direction of the respective companies.

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